1. Arm reflection. Elmont, NY. July 2014.

  2. Music. Chelsea, NY. July 2014.

  3. Me. Elmont, NY. July 2014.

    Four years ago, I was a different person. I was afraid of Athens, where I moved across the world to attend college, so I held onto my memories from Hong Kong. I held on too tightly, and it made for a rough transition into my new life. But I learned to make new memories, and make new friends. While I sadly drifted apart with old ones, they will never be forgotten. I went to Athens without a single tattoo on my body. Now I have nine of them, all with a special meaning to me. I had plans after college, but my plans changed, and now I have to think on my feet more than ever before. Throughout this summer I noticed I was doing the same thing as I did when I first moved to Athens I was holding onto memories too tightly. I took what I had in college for granted, and lost friends, and a lifestyle I had grown accustomed to, but refused to admit that it is gone for now. I was essentially holding myself back from any personal growth. I am learning that where I am from, or where I have been, or where I am going doesn’t define who I am. I am learning to be OK with the fact that I am a little lost, and very much afraid of the future. I am learning that being afraid doesn’t make me weak or look silly. I am learning that all this hard work will pay off, and that some day soon everything will fall into place.

  4. Strangers. 66th Street Station, NY. July 2014.

    It is crazy to think that I walk by so many people in the city not knowing a single thing about any of them. Each person I walk by could potentially be one of the most interesting people I have ever met, and could even possibly become a great friend. 

  5. Train Schedule. Penn Station, NY. July 2014.

  6. House Fire. Elmont, NY. July 2014.

  7. Happy Hour. Union Square, NY. July 2014.

  8. Cross & Air Conditioning. Elmont, NY. July 2014.

  9. My grandfather watching a television show from Hong Kong. Elmont, NY. July 2014.

  10. Hudson St. Brooklyn, NY. July 2014.