1. Something about old cars that joust. Berea, KY. October 2014.

  2. I’m attending the Mountain Workshops again so for this week all my images will be from what I see in this small town. Berea, KY. October 204.

  3. Out a friend’s window. Athens, OH. October 2014.

  4. I forgot what intersection this was at. Manhattan, NY. October 2014.

  5. Seen in my neighbors driveway. Elmont, NY. October 2014.

  6. Started a new project today, and now I’m waiting to head home after a lovely day of shooting. Manhattan, NY. October 2014.

  7. Natty Light & Water. Secacus, NJ. October 2014.

  8. Waiting for the train. Seacacus, NJ. October 2014.

  9. Sleepy Jets Fan. East Rutherford, NJ. October 2014.

  10. Great day for some Bronco vs Jets football. East Rutherford, NJ. October 2014.